Come Back

Autumnal Wind

A tardy breeze is nuzzling my face
It’s recalling past lovelorn feelings
The river’s wave is carrying the wedding ring
This is a gloomy sign for one last flight…

The only guess will stay in the future
Why I honored myself that she has loved me…
Glaring full roses with a rainbow’s color
An empty heart has faded as the amour…
…it will be…

Calg, June’05

Come Back

Days are so bad
Life is crazy
The night is cold and sad
But I’m still hoping
That you will come
To give me a soft hand…

… txt in hand…

Calg, July’05

D e s i r e

… Is it a huge desire in my heart that pains me
Or only a shadow is leaving in death
Maybe it’s a simple
lonely sad vestige
Why has an Eden sent us
long ago, a message …

When I am a-loose in a day or in a dream
Where is it carrying me this cold crazy bird
Have I arrived on time
to my blue seaside
And may I stay calm
with a love on my arm…

Somewhere gray and far away days are dismal
For that broken heart… It’s sleeping in the dark
The memories are waking up
The wounds are bleeding
And hopes are disappearing
While a sigh is calling….

Calg, May’05

D r e a m s

… I am feeling on my shoulders
Her well-known kind hands
She is putting them about
I’m waiting for a hot. wet kiss…

…in hand…

Calg, May’05

W h y

Why is time stopping
when I’m meeting
Even I know well
she loves someone else

Why sweet hope
comes from so far
And brings us very slowly
bad luck for these times…

…it will be…

Calg, May’05

S o l a c e

If you’re still lonely
Come to see me again…
But forget affairs and exciting loves
Bring me some words of solace
For our bygone days
To ease off a hot hand
Where you left only the pain..

Do you remember Danny
A wistful night in December
When I was waiting for you
leeward and lovelorn
I didn’t abide in that present time
A deep true love
is disappearing forever
I didn’t abide in that present time
Such a tardy dream
The dream will come
back never…

You don’t know Danny
That even rain drops
Are killing those blue doleful wishes
You have been only
The shadow of someone else
Like wrongful obsessions
Far and away lost lady,

When one sore desire
Goes away in memory’s page
Like that cold night
On the hither side of an old birch
My star is made by…
One wiped warm rip
And a meek midnight sun
And a newborn love…

It’s my life, one wiped warm rip
It’s my life, a meek midnight sun
It’s my life, a newborn love…

Calg, Aug’05

Editor's Choice Award
by International Library
October 2005

You Are Leaving

You are leaving
And carrying away my dreams
For me, there’s nothing
Then those blessed means…

I have
to forget
Those white wind roses
That keeps up secret doors
Until I meet new loves…

…it will be…

Calg, April’05

O My Sweet Darling

   O my sweet darling
How is your night
you sleep fine…
Did you maybe cry…
O my sweet darling
My scalding tear
Did you see the sunrise
Did you dream of love

…it will be…

Calg, June’05

If You Would Like


Only one slow motion
By a deep chalky hazel eye
Again it opened old sores
And woke up those hopes
Maybe next Friday night
Will bring me back
A fragrant sprout of a flower
Is sleeping on your shoulder …

…it will be…

May’85 / Calg Oct’05

It’s Up To You

Beauty of the lofty night don’t hurry up
It’s up to you forever…
We didn’t meet each other
in our premature hopes
You challenge waiting on faith
flying in a wild world
You prefer the power of a dorm…

The youngest wave is reaching a seaside
resembling passion
Like numbers of others closest to you
with a bad smile’s timing
When a love is born
you’ll be in the dream
or maybe you're sleeping…

…it will be…

Calg Jan’06

Sarajevo Song

A cold fort is smothering
a gray, somber day
The river’s mood kept back a youth of dreams
Only love creates a new road
To the Sarajevo song
Under mother’s lap…

The mount Jahorina is doleful, path snowed up 
City Hall forever has been chained well
A love song is still sung on  Bembasha
It is a song of hope
It is a song from the soul

While desire of heart bedews festering wounds
Again a life’s shadow is springing free rhymes
Hot tears are coasting
their seaside
Sarajevo sings
Sarajevo calls…

The gold cord’s star lined us up in time
The worlds going to listen to
our serenade
Let an echo of  freedom turn on lights in the night
It is my life’s home
Where I’m feeling warm…

Zuko, Valter say hello to
all  our friends
On the sky a new sunrise is rising
Jolly Syo is raising a glass of red wine
Just like a long time ago
Emina`s still alive….

Calg Dec’05

The First Love

I was a teenage boy
When I met her eyes
We grew up together
Like feelings in May

We even took a walk
Holding, hand in hand
It was the first time
That I’m feeling a love…

…it will be…

Calg Sep’05

Why Am I Leaving

When you put nettles in my hand
I’m waiting for the sunset in my bed
You are laughing like a movie star
You don’t know… I’m leaving so far…

You would like to stop a summer wind
You would like to play off a paradise
You would like to erase a
written song
Please don’t ask me… What is really wrong…

…it will be…

Calg Mart’05

My Homeland

You are carrying now
a dark fear
Bat blue skies recovered you
Still there is no golden line
Where are you leaving
My sweet homeland

brother made pain for his brother
We will see stable days
In a hurt only suffering stays
Where are you going
With those saddest blames…

…it will be…

Calg June’05

For My Friend

My dear buddy… how can I say
That you were a very good friend
That yesterday wasn’t really bad
That tomorrow`s shut all doors for us…

…it will be…

Calg May'05

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