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A Young Stoyan

A young Stoyan is very sick
He’s going to be dead soon…
At his bedside his wife is crying…
With a small boy in her
Tears are dropping on Stoyan’s head…
His ashy face is
almost wet…

Calg, June’06
“Blen Leži Mlad

Why Is A Battle

Why is a battle in my mind
The memory told me right
Go away you both
I would like to hear my soul…

Calg, June’06
“Što Se Bore Misli Moje”
Knez Mihailo Obrenović (1823-1868)
kneginji Kleopatri Karađorđević
( ili rođaci Katarini Konstatinović )

It’s A Day

It’s a day
when I don’t know
what I can do
Cause my feelings
made my huge pain
I love you as much as I can
I love you but where are you my man
I love you but I don’t know why

Calg, June’06

“Ima Dana”
1964…Skadarlija, ” kafana Dva Jelena”…
Dalmatinska klapa sa Brača otpjevala…
Čuo kaf.pjevač-boem,  Vojkan Tasić…
preradio i poslao u legendu…

Let To Lie Very

Let to me Very,
But only let, lie…
Don’t You ever try..
Never try to cheat me….

Calg, June’06
“ Laži Laži Vere ”

Listen To Mi

Listen to me listen
You beautiful angel
What the guitar
(tambourine) is playing

Calg, April’06
“Ajde slušaj slušaj Kaleš bre Anđo

When I Saw You

When I saw you
Last few months
I can’t forget
Your blackish jerky eye
I was drunk every night
Because of love in the sky

Calg, June’06
“Kad Se Setim ”
J.J.Zmaj  (1833-1904)<

Alongshore the small river

Alongshore the small river
(Near the older village fountain)
Where there is tender kind of wind (breeze)
The sultan’s daughter is walking there
She is looking for
a rainless ray …

Calg, June’05
“Kraj tanana šadrvana”
Hajnrih Hajne/ Safet-beg-Bašagić<

The snowstorm is coming

The snowstorm is coming
On blossoms and roses
Let us kiss then
(God will give kiss)
Everyone who wants
Even myself
What my soul would wish
(Even selfish
When souls get wish)

Calg, Jan’09
“Snijeg pade”

Two blooded roses

I’m asking myself
Why we met each other
Why we made up pain
Why we’re watching tears
Nobody can know
Sadness in my heart
Except those two…
… well-blooded roses…

Calg, September’07/
“Dve krvave ruže”
/Hungarian origin/

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