Freedom Of Speech



The word secret or public
It has to have a goal and a weight
Its owner and transferor
Someone who listens to that or not
If he still understands
A better option
If he still respects
Almost ideal…

There are phenomena
Which should be talked about
But also those who talk more
When they are not talking
There is also time
When you can talk
There is also a place
Where one can talk
About everything…

About everything can be talked
Before the decision
After the decision
How we decided ...

About what's for the show
More of them make the decision
Preferably smarter
From an emissary who would like to talk
In the wrong place
At the wrong time

And even when he gets strong arguments
In front of his eyes, under his nose ...!

It is not civilizational to persecute
But it is not nice to suffer the consequences
From a free speaker ...
In the wrong place ...
At the wrong time ...

Compromise is possible
When life wins!

Smart one will find it…

And when there are opinions
Impartially lead
Towards the same goal ...

That one only human one!

Calg. Maj'00

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