The Silent Call of Distance

Author's Multimedia Project

What is about

If you are a talented, honest and hard worker that is still hopeful…
If you are a strongly oriented person that can express a mainstream desire; one that is
alike to  forgotten love poems, to humor based on life struggles and to progressive leaning voices  that are brightened by a pretension of becoming a powerful art expression.
This desire you hold is like a welcoming melody flow slowly waking up.  It is like emotions awakened by the radiant charm of a gleeful harmony….If
you are like this, then this may be one of your opportunities.
Oh yes, a good chance for us!

If you are ready to be a pleased visitor of modest music
produced in a studio-art basement of a cold, dark city proudly named Calg or Belg, then you are welcome. There are more than fifty poems, a few comedies
and one novel in progress, still unborn waiting on this site. These are ready to attract your publicly hidden sentiments  and are eager to challenge
a seemingly hazy-shiny, and artificial show business.

I hope you’ll be pleased with this amateur art vision and universally unsurpassed work ethic.
Through these humble pieces, you will become deeply conscious that another world is possible. One that can truly evaluate and harmonize our needs, to uncover some kind of small
, life-filled beauties which are settled among us, merely untouched.

A simple composure of optimistically dazzled projects is deservedly craving to come out. It features the power of  endless enterainment, crowd
enjoyment and  the prestige of  individual creativity.

Colorful music accompanied with lyrics are itching for a deep endearment, for someone to
approach their  sleeping hearts, to lift up this humble glimpse into a great  labyrinth.

And, probably, bitterless crumbs of western marvel, called
“honestly earned profit”, are leering one’s eye at us, of course, in the end.

It will be a priceless gift for the creation of one universe of love, for an attempt of
artistic inspiration and for an honor  to show our dignity!

More, it will be the greatest privilege and an unstoppable

Please see  the following attachment and welcome to helping  with the opening of the heavy, but candid door that opens towards divinity’s roads!


For more info…e-mail: