What Is About

Faithful friends, lucky one waiting for talent, tired engineers, brave amateurs,
music groups, dear people, dear comedians, specially pizza delivery people…

If we are accompanied by playful restlessness, joy, sadness or sometimes humor tormented by life, and you would like to give them a progressive voice – slightly developed with a strong pretension to be faithfully committed to the search for sentiment but also aesthetics, then we like to see a little vibration in an instant, as an opportunity born for us…

Oh, yes yes!
Possible opportunity…
Like as romantic melodies calling
with warm breeze brought
to awaken feeling and faith
in pleasant harmony…
It’s just a shadow ‘
when it follows beauty and suffering,
Which is long, such as longing
Which is passing, such as a meeting…

Like most positive, ordinary, small mortals, intoxicated by the monstrous creation of our modern moment, I feel the need to express something.
In the hope and gratitude that all this will at least try to be understood, in the true sense, by a casual passerby, for example!

Far from my homeland, once dear past work, life and friends who disappeared due to a combination of strange circumstances, I was stopped by the breath of “magnificent achievements of high democracy”, I have been writing more intensively, in recent years. More precisely, by trying to express different creations in search of lost spiritual crumbs, when we admired the universal values of existence: the truth captured by us, the magical power of words, some piece of work, playful music or the life of lovely colors…

Oh, look at the miracles:
Only this crazy man
had all of that
at his fingertips ….
In that darkness
Behind the Iron Curtain!

And what else is that?

The result is a multimedia collage of exclusively individual effort, not amnestied from  delusions and constant re-examination of everything and everything, questionable creative power or artistic reach, …but with a persistent search for the energy of the truly humane.

Now, if I have convinced you that you want to be a welcome guest welcome to the modest Little Art Studio ObiDal located in a dark cloud-covered city proudly named Kalg or Beog, you will be greeted by hundreds of verses… accompanied by a play of colors, playful motifs and shapes…but, also several texts on an immodest path to be one unborn evergreen multimedia creature.

Accumulated like that, it is “Kalartshma”!

And more, it is bilinguals! And what is that…

* A book (collection of stories, essays, comedies, verses, unfinished even!) With elements is an autobiography and an episode from the biography of another folks , which would talk about brighter topics, but also some bitter tears. So, it is a story about ordinary human on the street, but also about a personal understanding of the world, of the life and love, about past and future times, about dreams, sometimes even reality, about joy, a lot about tears…

** Dozens of songs with melodies and music notes, a poetic narrative that want to bring life, friends, joys, beauty and sorrow closer with the basic message: LOVE… in Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian-Montenegrin and English!

*** Hundreds of English and the French translation ExYu musical hits that are tolerably situated in world glamour, shyly presenting a slightly different poetics on the light of the meridian.

Almost self-published (idea, implementation, programming, coding, production, web installation, optimization…) in the form of this internet show with the working title “Calling quietly from faraway” here it is right now … www.artobidal.in.rs!

Everything is modest, ready to discover and attract deeper feelings, eager to provoke the hazy glow of showbiz pleasure and the flame of fame, sometimes tycoon-designed reality.
The simple textures of an optimistic look in the shadows undeservedly yearn to see the light of day, restraining the power and charm of the common play and song.
Brightly colored musical and poetic paths seem to promise a gentler touch to awaken a warm glow to a dormant soul or to throw it into sobs of pain somewhere in a distant, lonely labyrinth.

This amateur at the ObiDal Small Art Studio has already experienced the only real joy of the reward for the effort, expressed in tears from laughter and joy, to pain – the wind of melodies, the beauty of colors, warmth, which would escape the cold madness of the curse that kills us… And all this is done in the most subtle shadow of blissful peace, very far from the light of the public, of any form of imposing the ​damnation of desires around us.
​So much experienced in dear dearest satisfactions cannot fit into any treasury of a globe owner…
But when the soulmate of a bystander concludes that what he has seen is wroth sharing with similar enthusiasts…

Welcome …. in Bosnian b u j r u m!

And, of course, in the end, if we are lucky, we will share the fraternal bitter crumbs of the Western miracle, called the deserved part of the cake, directed with one eye towards us. We humbly ask, you will agree, let it be without a lot of mathematics, because it is well collected on the Central Procesor Unit, although it is impossible to offer in the field of feelings as much as a respected and deserving character expects from us…

We will only be asked to strive for a simply embraced art vision and an unsurpassed, universal, work ethic – no more than an average human character, deeply aware that another world is possible, a world that will truly develop and harmonize our needs and bring this little life one closer. a life full of beauties almost untouched, all around us.

It will be a priceless gift for a universe of love, for one attempt at sincere inspiration, for one proudly raised sign which carries our dignity… And more, it is a huge privilege and unstoppable power in us…!

At the risk of this attempt ending at the address of lost hopes…

Sincerely yours

Forget the sadness
Shackles in longing
Let the sins take away
The drops of bitter wine…

Small Art Studio
Bg. 2019.


Author: Obrad Daljević
(lyrics, music,
pictures, translations,
demos and web design)

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